Sowing not Sewing

Well I will have to make this short and sweet because that is what my Summer here looks like.

Family reunions, house reconstruction from flooding waters, garden to big for my busy life, and lots of Prayers.

Family Reunion Texas ❤

GARDEN TIME~ Lots of berries, cantaloupe, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, brussels, corn, onions, and so many good things in the herb gardens, not to mention what seemed to be endless strawberries at the beginning of the wet cooler days of early summer. Started dehydrating and I really enjoy it.

Sewing is a closed subject literally shut it down for the summer. I am so happy with that decision that I plan on doing it every summer. Mending and repair work only.

Stated a Bibke Study prayer board.

Well. I said short and sweet and it has been thus far for us here in northwest Missouri. Thank you for reading. Shalom


KEFIR New Beginnings

Both Water and Goat Milk Kefir

I enjoy all the benefits of kefir. Both water and goat milk kefir are amazing. Goat milk in general makes everything better lol. Today I made goat cheese without dehydrated jalapeños, wild garlic, onions, and Mexican oregano. Then started on strawberry goat milk kefir and red raspberry water Kefir. Praising Yah the whole time with a singing heart full of dancing before Him. Everything either dehydrated or frozen from our gardens last year. My Amish friend sells me 4 gallons of goat milk each week for 12.00. Blessed beyond measure. Come stop in sometime I would love to share with you all, what Yah has done for us.
Growing in Christ Col 1:10 Christie


My Momma’s Jacket

Well I loved my Momma’s light weight linen jacket.   I loved it so much I wore it out.  I wore it with stains, holes, and ripped seams that I would repair until it was not possible to wear any more.  

She told me she had purchased it from an Amish catalog store.

So I decided to take it apart and make a pattern.  

This was so easily done. I was very pleased with how well every peace fit perfectly together. The fabric I choice was heavy weight linen from I also made a dress to match my jacket but, I will wear it with every thing. Now, that I have the pattern and it fits me wonderfully I think I will make myself a bathrobe too. That is for another post. Here are pictures of the replacement. So happy, Love you so much Mom, thank you for everything. I loved wrapping myself up in your little jacket since you have been gone.
Love this, will be wearing it often.

Thank you for stopping by, Christie



Sweet Daughter Jennifer

Here we meet, Rock Island Illinois!

Watching a barge from our motel room. Papa, Cadence, and Ethan.
Amazing Hands on Family Science Museum

Putting out the Fires of Life….
Cadence the Fire Chief.

This was a spur of the moment outing. We had not seen Jennifer and the kids for over a year. We made up for lost times quickly. We surprised the kids and met them at the Hands On Children’s Museum. They didn’t recognize us at first, but soon it was Papa come on, and look at this Papa. Blessed beyond words remembering the good time we had. Thank you so much Jennifer.


~HELLO ~ Amazing Word

Been awhile so here goes,

We drove 10 hours to pick her up. She is totally the sweetest puppy ever.

Still sewing Lanyards from my Applegreen Cottage pattern that I am enjoying very much.

Masks are still needed so I am pressing on with making them.

Tea Wallets are getting a face lift with whimsycle nature friends print.

Loved our Anniversary primitive tent camping, while canoeing and fishing became a new favorite time together.
Wren was so brave this year almost like a pet.

Garden is almost done the canning and eating of God’s abundance was a total blessing all summer long. With cantaloupe and sweet potatoes still growing nicely.

Praying for our country takes place moment by moment as we seek earnestly for His protection and guidance during these times of uncertainty, that’s not really true. Our Father never vacates His Throne. He is always in control.


FEBRUARY Denim Theme

Hello Everyone,

Denim is a favorite of ours. Living on our farm and even now on our one acre homesite in town. I can’t begin to tell you how many denim jumpers, overalls, and bags I have enjoyed making. Writing about this new project is very exciting to me as I made both of my items from some green chambray yardage I picked up at my very favorite small town, Mission Possible Thrift Store. They are so good to me always practically giving me the fabric and this time was no different . Two 3 yard pieces, I was beyond excited at my find. I had my heart set on a big pocketed jumper.

Here She is the new project.

This was the only money I spent on top of the 2.00 fabric purchase which included the pattern I used for the toddler romper.

These are the people that make Mission Possible so fun to visit. Right now they are working on a much needed new building.
This would become the second project out of the Green Chambray.

I was reminded of the importance of proper needles very soon into the large pocketed jumper as the many layers were demanding.

My Bernadette 38 was a gift from my Mother. Her name is Bunny and we get along swell. She did a great job with all the thicknesses but again I feel its always wise to use proper needles when using denim.


Now for the sweet little jumpsuit for my grand daughter Iyanah. I happened upon this pattern and remembered using it with my 9 girls and was thrilled to see it again. We have 11 children only 2 are boys. Working on 26 grandchildren and recently 2 great grand boys. Maybe things are changing.

Her are a few pictures of the toddler jumpsuit.

Thank you all at Sewcialists for the opportunity to share in this months February theme Denim.